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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Visual Overload - Zoya Ornate Nail Art

Today's manicure is super blingtastic status.

I started with a base of three coats of Zoya Electra, a silver holographic bar glitter polish. It's really dense and definitely a unique look for the holidays (or any time really, but can you imagine the impact of wearing this to some kind of holiday party?). It had a surprising amount of control for what it is -- I was impressed!

Then, I added a single stripe of Zoya Aurora down the middle. Aurora is a complete stunner. If I were to pick a favorite out of the entire six piece Zoya Ornate collection, this would be it. The finish is amazing and unique, deep and beautiful. Plus, I think the particular shade of purple would be flattering on just about anyone.

In direct light, you can really see both of these polishes come alive in different ways.

Bonus: here's a photo of the three coats of Electra alone! In person, it was very hard to see the gaps in the polish and my nails looked like they were covered in crinkled tinfoil. Really neat.

The Zoya Ornate collection for Winter/Holiday 2012 can be purchased now on for $8 each.

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  1. Both colours are beautiful but they work so well together, I love what you've done here!

  2. This looks great! What a gorgeous combo!

  3. pretty! there can never be enough sparkle when it comes to nails :)

  4. This is a beautiful mani! LOVE it :)

  5. This was cute and unexpected with all that glitter going on! :P

  6. Whoa, it's burning my retinas with all that sparkle lol I love these polishes and that design, so pretty.

  7. Both colors are really beautiful!

  8. What a fabulous combination! I'm usually not wild about bar glitters, but I'm really warming up to Electra--it looks like it has really good coverage, and the holo sparkle is just amazing. :D

  9. Electra is absolutely drool-worthy. It looks practically fiber-optic.

  10. I am totally inspired to do this when my collection arrives! So gorgeous! Electra reminds me of Christmas tinsel!!

  11. i love the mix of types of glitter! really pretty

  12. This is so pretty! I really like how the silver looks on it's own, but I think the combo of purple & silver makes it look even more amazing!!!

  13. Gorgeous! I love the silver.

  14. Good idea--your design really showcases the best of both polishes.

  15. Electra is amazing :-/ I can't believe what I am seeing!!

  16. This is a simple manicure but with an amazing and great effect. Love it!

  17. Aurora is also my fav in this collection - I cannot stop looking at my nails (or feet) when I put it on! It's not just for holiday either and I love that - I will wear this all seasons of the yr! But not loving Electra - I love all the rainbows it gives off - but like last holiday's Zoya's bar glitters, it's too long of bars for me and too dense as well - I like bar glitters but I want to see a ton of my base shade through them. I might take mine and thin it way down - least part of my bottle I will be doing that with.

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  19. This is a great mani! I like both colors a lot!

  20. I’m really impressed with the first nail art. Purple and silver combination is so nice and unique. I think it is bit hard to do but I should try once.

  21. O my goodness. I LOVE this! So pretty!


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