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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Elevation Polish View From the Top Collection

Today I'm excited to be sharing the Elevation Polish View From the Top Collection with you fine folks! This five piece collection has a creme, a shimmer, a scattered holographic, and two glitters.

I'm gonna be a little indulgent here and begin with my favorite: Haba Xueshan! Now, it's no secret that I am obsessed with black and white glitters, but objectively I think this one is a real winner. It's very dense; shown is one coat over American Apparel Malibu Green. I love the addition of the pale blue circular glitters to the mix of black and white, and I found the balance of sizes to be really lovely.

Jengish Chokusu is a "green leaning sea glass creme." I stuck with Elevation's description because I felt it was really accurate, despite the color being difficult to photograph! I found the formula to be on the thinner side so I used three coats for opacity.

Mount Cangyan is a gorgeous warm purple with complex blend of red, copper, and gold shimmer. I love this shade of purple and the shimmers are great. I believe I used three thin coats in this swatch photo but you may be able to get away with two thicker coats.

Muztagh Ata is a teal blue polish with a lovely scattered holographic finish. I love when polishes have this kind of finish, it's really interesting while still maintaining enough subtlety. It was opaque in two coats.

The final polish in this collection is called Huangshan. This glitter topper has neon yellow circle glitters in a multitude of sizes and shapes, as well as a sprinkling of iridescent glitter. Lulu from Elevation Polish wants to make it clear that over time, the neon yellow hexes will bleed into the base, tinting it highlighter yellow. I found that it does affect your base color slightly, but it's only barely noticeable, and this polish is so much fun that a little tinting isn't a big deal. Shown here over Elevation Polish Mount Cangyan. It also looks KILLER over black!

Are you as obsessed with Haba Xueshan as I am? I'm also going crazy over Muztagh Ata. Which ones are you loving?

This collection will be stocked in the Elevation Polish shop tonight at 9PM CST. You can also check out Lulu's photos of this collection in her blog post!

Products provided for review.


  1. Everything looks so perfect on your nails and hands. I don't think you could make a polish look bad if you tried :P

  2. Your swatches are PERFECT -jealous-

  3. I cannot even deal with these polishes. Especially the two glitters but they're all just so fantastic. I need to rob a bank or a store or something.

  4. OMG I WANT THEM ALL! This collection is Gorgeous!!

  5. Whaaaa.....Huangshan!! I need it! And I so wish I had an American Apparel near me! I see so many pretty colors from them.

  6. Muztagh Ata, that's the one I'd go for! :)

  7. Huang Shan looks gorgeous! but then again, you make everything look gorgeous haha :P

  8. Yep... that's the one I am gag over, too... but all the colors are really pretty.

  9. Dumb autocorrect.. I meant gaga.

  10. OH my! Haba Xueshan is gorgeous!! I'm obsessed with black and white glitters too :)

  11. I really need to get myself a black & white glittery polish and that yellow one is SO unique! What a great collection ;)

  12. I'm blown away. By the entirety of this collection.

  13. Kenya Charone JohnsonNovember 5, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    Love the complexity of this collection and how flawless your swatches are!


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