Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sassy Lacquer - Spring Showers Bring May Flowers Collection

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and a relaxing Sunday! Today's post includes swatches of the six polishes in the Sassy Lacquer Spring Showers Bring May Flowers Collection. Let's take a look!

Blue Mist is a tealy, steely metallic. I had some brushstrokes while applying but they seemed to settle as the polish dried. Three coats for opacity.

A Frosty Crocus is the standout of the collection for me. This purple base is accented with pink microglitters and has a blue sheen that makes this polish look like it's glowing. It's really quite beautiful! I needed three coats here and had no issues with formula.

Emerald Meadow is a sheer green base with green microglitters. I've shown three coats here. This one is interesting... it's not the type of polish that I would normally like but I think it was executed really well for what it is. The smaller glitters don't make the pearly base look lumpy, and it does seem to glow in the right lighting. Having said that, it can be pretty sheer in direct lighting too. You could layer it to avoid that, and it looks great over dark colors, too (see the second photo here)!

Tiger Lily Wears Pink is a warm salmon-y pink with red flecks in it. They add a really nice dimension and I think this one is probably my second favorite of the collection. I had great coverage at two coats.

Dawn's Dew is a glowy blue topper polish. I personally found it too sheer to wear alone, so I've first shown one coat of Dawn's Dew over Tiger Lily Wears Pink. You can see that it adds the blue sheen and blue flecks, as well.

Here is two coats of Dawn's Dew over white, so you can see the flecks more easily. This one would look fantastic over darker colors, too.

Dancing Daffodil is a creamy light yellow polish with smaller yellow microglitters. I have to say, I'm excited about all the yellow polishes I'm seeing from indies this spring. Yellow is such an underappreciated polish color! The color on this one is like butter and makes me kind of hungry... I used three coats here.

I'm sure you guys are loving A Frosty Crocus, am I right? Any other favorites?

Sassy Lacquer products can be found in the Sassy Lacquer shop. You can also follow the brand on Facebook and the Sassy Nails blog.



  1. A Frosty Crocus is beautiful indeed. Definitely my favourite shade from this collection! My second favourite is Tiger Lily Wears Pink as well, the darker speckles are a very nice touch to it. Lovely!

  2. These are so lovely!

  3. Amazing polishes! I'm most excited about A Frosty Crocus and Tiger Lily Wears Pink.

  4. Very very nice. I really like Emerald Meadow.


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