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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spray Marble and Studs - DIOSA Nail Art

Hey folks! Just a quick note before we get into today's nail art. Per the updated FTC guidelines, I will now be including buttons at the top of every post that detail any disclosures I need to make. You can learn more about what they mean by clicking the buttons. Thanks for your patience with any growing pains I may experience with this new system.

Okay! I am really excited about today's nail art. Not only did I try a new technique, but I also tried a new brand, and let me just say that I am enamored with the results of both!

DIOSA Nails is a polish brand whose mission is to honor women and to help tell their stories. DIOSA encourages women to be themselves and inspire their peers. I love that manifesto! For this particular look I used two DIOSA polishes -- Dime Piece and I Sea You. Read on to learn more about the techniques and polishes.

The marbled look was achieved when I tried to do the water spotted effect but sort of half-failed at it. If you're unfamiliar with the technique, it begins much like a water marble would! You place drops of polish on the surface of your water, and then spray it with some alcohol-based fluid like hand sanitizer or perfume. It makes little holes in the polish and when you dip your nails in it, it transfers the spotted effect.

That's all fine and pretty easy to understand, right? Well, when I went to try it, I grabbed an old perfume for the first nail. It worked fantastically! But then, when I went to do my second nail, I found there was some oily residue sitting on top of the water and my next drops of polish wouldn't fully spread out because of it. I guess the perfume I was using must have had some sort of oil in the base? I dumped it out and tried some hairspray next, but it didn't create an even spotted effect, either.

Despite the unexpected spotting patterns, I dunked my nails anyway. I then manipulated the resulting patterns with a little bit of acetone to tailor them to my liking.

The studs and rhinestones in this manicure came from my Nails Inc Bling It On: Rebel set. I'm sure you can find equivalent studs and rhinestones from almost any online nail art supplier, too.

The grey polish I used is DIOSA Dime Piece. I really love this particular shade of grey, it's light and clean and slightly blue-leaning, I think. Almost like a breaking storm. It requires two coats for opacity and the formula was easy to work with.

DIOSA I Sea You is a highly pigmented blue beauty, and provided perfect coverage in just one single coat. But that's not all -- this one coater had a creamy, buttery formula, too. This means it's fantastic for nail art enthusiasts and plain polish lovers alike!

DIOSA polish is available at You can also keep up with the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  1. Great mani! And you did a great job with your disclosure policy and links. Did you find a sample somewhere or did you come up with it on your own? I know I need to start doing this but it's hard to know where to start!

    1. If you click on the button to be taken to my disclosure page, I've linked to the tutorial I used for the disclosure buttons at the end of the page. :)

    2. Thanks. And what about your wording for your entire disclosure policy? It sounds great and seems to cover everything. I would love to be able to have something like that but don't want to "steal" your wording...

    3. Nevermind:) I see the link to the Product Review Policy as well. Thanks for your time and I love your blog btw ;)

    4. The first section on the page was borrowed from the other link on that page, but has been modified to suit my particular needs. The button and ad sections were written by me. If you want to avoid copy-pasting, I'd suggest just getting the general gist of what I've said and then writing it in your own words!

  2. It's very beautiful - love the choice of colors...

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the disclosure policy change! I like the idea of including a button before digging into the review. I will probably do the same, hope you don't mind :) On your nails, loved reading about your experience with using different alcohol sprays in water! I only knew about the hand sanitizer.

  4. You could use this technique to make a GORGEOUS smoky or fiery manicure :) In fact, I would love to see you do a fiery look with this technique. I didn't even think about using perfume, so smartt...I've held off on trying this because I don't have sanitizer spray in the house haha

  5. I think this looks better than the normal water spotted effect, it looks more abstract :)

  6. I really like your water spotted effect.

  7. Looks fab! Thanks for passing on the information for the disclosure policies. I always disclosed in the beginning and end when I received something for compensation, so I think I'm doing things okay. That button is nifty though.

  8. Gorgeous! Love your water spotted effect, even though you said it was sort of a failure, I think it looks really cool! ^^

  9. Wow, you really are talented! Even when you fail you end up with an awesome result

  10. Great! Love the nail of your middle finger :D

  11. wow this is amazing! even your "mess ups" looks amazing!

  12. I actually like this much better than the spotted effect. Great accident!

  13. who did you do that bubbly effect?
    Water marble?!
    I realy love it!


  14. You always have such great manis! I really like how your failed marble looks. I like how it runs together instead of just holes. I have had success using body spray. I tried using hand sanitizer in a body spray bottle and that didn't work out so well. I think if you use sanitizer, it needs to be in a bottle with an adjustable spray nozzle.

  15. Tomorrow is the day that I am trying this awesome spotted mani :D Fingers crossed. You did an amazing job!

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