Tuesday, September 6, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 06: Violet

It's violet day! I think when the person was writing the challenge, they went with violet because it was part of ROYGBIV. But any purple would count, I should think!

I used two more untrieds for today's look. I bought these when the Wet N Wild FastDry promotion at Walgreens was going on last week, so I got each of these for a dollar! Woohoo sales! :)

I started with a base of two coats of Silvivor. Then I taped off part of the mani and added a coat of Buffy the Violet Slayer. Side note: the colors in this collection are some of my favorite polish names ever. How I Met Your Magenta? Everybody Loves Redmond? C'mon, they're amazing.

I'm calling this a 60/40 mani. Does this type of mani have a name already? It's not quite a half moon and it's way too fat to be a French. Maybe I'm just misinformed here.

Also, this really is a deep violet. My camera makes this color look rather blue, but you'll either have to go see for yourself or trust me on this one. :)

Wet N Wild - Silvivor and Buffy the Violet Slayer



  1. Buffy the Violet Slayer is my new favorite purple! And that silver looks almost like a dupe of Zoya Trixie which is my favorite silver! love the 60/40 mani!

  2. That is so nice, added to my to-do list!! xx

  3. loving this manicure!


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