Saturday, September 17, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 17: Glitter

Not gonna lie to y'all, I was pretty excited to see the theme of today's nails: glitter. It's simple and easy. I got to take a nail art break for today, while still checking out some polish that was very exciting to me.

So, here it is, China Glaze Recycle with two coats of Wet N Wild Correction Tape from the new On the Prowl Collection. (Side note: are you entered in my giveaway to win the entire OTP Collection?)

But, I have some other things to show you, today!

First of all, check out Recycle by itself. I LOVE CREME POLISHES!!

Second of all, here's the lineup for today's mani (in order, too)!

CND Stickey, ChG Recycle, WnW Correction Tape, Seche Vite

Third, here are some little rascals that were helping me out/distracting me while I was doing my mani. The little one in the middle is my dog Chowder, the retriever is Bella and the poodle is Molly, and they are both family dogs that I am babysitting for the weekend!

And here are a couple more shots of today's mani.



  1. Oooooo that glitter is amaazing!! And your dogs are so cuute!!

  2. That looks pretty, but I didn't like the Wet n Wild glitter polish! -_-

  3. Pretty! It almost makes me like Correction Tape!

  4. Wow, correction tape is really an awesome glitter! And great paring it with recycle! =D

  5. Great combo! Hahaha the doggy pic is too adorable - the look on the little white one is hilarious :o) Love it

  6. Really nice combo, I've worn this glitter with a grey as well, I think the colors all work great together. The glitter is currently available in the Spoiled brand, it's called Trust Fund Baby.

  7. I really like this mani as I've recently become obsessed with glitters! I have what seems to be finer glitter version by NYC that I would love to layer under Correction Tape...too bad it's from such an old collection...I'm sure I'd never find it. :( Btw, I love your dog's name & the expression on his/her face (head tilt always gets me)! haha :)


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