Friday, September 23, 2011

31 Day Challenge, Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late post today, I had my wisdom teeth out this morning for the second time in my life (with just nitrous oxide, not full anesthesia), so I've been taking it easy and doing some napping today. Did you know its possible for a person to have 5 or 6 wisdom teeth in their lifetime? Weird stuff.

So, on to inspired by a movie!

I was brainstorming with my boyfriend and telling him how I had some movies in mind that I liked but that I didn't know how I would translate into a mani. His mind immediately went to Star Wars like I'm sure many a boyfriend's mind would, but I loved the suggestion because I love the movies too.

Originally I had plans to do four R2D2s and then an accent nail C3PO, but my boyfriend was also involved in the planning and he wasn't going to let this opportunity pass by without taking full advantage of it. He decided that he wanted to do one hand themed around the Galactic Empire (the bad guys) and one hand themed around the Rebel Alliance (the good guys). I liked the idea but told him I didn't think it would work because I can't do complex nail art on my right hand with my non-dominant hand doing the painting.

I don't know if you will believe it, but he suggested that I let him do the work on my right hand. I said, "Uh, YEAH," and we made plans to get together to knock this out.

I did my left hand on my own, because that is the hand that allows me to paint with my dominant hand. Here's the one that I did myself:

Rebel Alliance insignia, C3PO, Chewbacca, R2D2, green lightsaber
(ask me if you want to know colors used - there are just a lot so I'm leaving them out for now)

This was one of my most time consuming and intricate manis to date, but it's totally worth it as I love the results. However, I am super bummed that it has to come off so soon already!

Here is the hand that my boyfriend helped me on. He did Darth Vader, the stormtrooper, and part of the insignia. He was pretty nervous about "messing up" but I think he did an amazing job. These are the first nails he has ever painted on, can you believe it? I was so proud.

Red lighstaber, stormtrooper, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Galactic Empire insignia
(again, ask me if you want to know colors used)

Also, it's important that you know that I have been making the lightsabers fight each other. I bash my pinkies together and make the lightsaber woosh/smash noises as I do it. Super mature. Can you blame me!?

I hope you all like this as much as I do! I will be so upset to take it off tonight or tomorrow morning! :(


  1. I would think there was something wrong if you DIDN'T play with your lightsabers! ;)

    Good boyfriend by the way- definitely a keeper! haha

  2. This nail art is awesome!! Thats so cool that your boyfriend helped you, he's really good at nail art too. I didnt do today's theme because I couldnt think of a movie, but know I wish I would have done it.. LOl

  3. That's awesome! I don't really like Stars War, I know, I know but I just don't get the hype about it! But they do look great! ^_~

  4. It is SO good! like when boyfriends help for a mani ;)

  5. I am loving boba fett! The BF did an awesome job! I'm picturing you bashing your pinkies together and laughing my ass off!

  6. This looks awesome! Kudos to the BF for helping out!

  7. Haha SO awesome! Nice to have a BF that supports AND helps you with your hobby! He did a very good job, and so did you as always!

    I like your lightsabler fight story =)

  8. I LOVE this! I'm a Star Wars nerd so this appeals to me greatly, and I feel your pain. I had my wisdom teeth out and it was terrible and had some cysts while healing. Such fun. Didn't realize you could have more than 4, but I will be killing someone or myself if it turns out I do! Haha.

  9. Awesome! i LOVE that you're having light sabre wars! Can I ask who wins? Or does it vary? I think my favourites are Chewbacca & 3CPO. Boyfriend did a good job too.

  10. Hilarious! And I love that your boyfriend painted your other hand. He's got some skillz. You should check my nail blog. I did Ewoks on one hand and Jawas on the other. No light sabers tho. I love that you had light saber wars. LOL

  11. I love it soo Much! I want to know how you did the lightsaber since I would like the just do that on my pinkie and all my other nails white :) I just recently am letting my nails grow so I want to do more with them and your blog is such inspiration! :D

    1. Honestly I can't hardly remember, I did this so long ago! If I were to do it now, I would tape off a skinny strip down the middle of a dry, white nail, sponge the saber glow color over the top of the tape piece and around the edges, and then remove the tape, leaving the white part in the middle untouched.


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