Friday, January 11, 2013

Springtime Stacked Stripes - Zoya Lovely Nail Art

As promised, today I have a look created using the other three shades in the new Zoya Lovely Collection! This time, I used the shimmery polishes to create a stacked stripe look. It's actually a very easy technique, and you only need the brushes that come with the polishes!

First, lay down your base color and give it a few moments to set. I used Zoya GeiGei, the pale pink. I needed two coats for the look you see here, and the formula was easy to use.

Then, grab your second color. Using the polish brush, push down a bit to splay the brush out, and paint a wide line down the middle of your nail. I chose to use Zoya Piaf for this step, which is an usual shade of yellow that dips its pinky toe into the green-zone. While I love yellow polishes, I don't think this one works for me. I went over my line twice for opacity.

Finally, using your third shade and a very light touch, paint a thin stripe down the middle of the wide stripe you just painted. My third shade is Zoya Julie, my favorite of the three polishes in this manicure. A gorgeous pale purple, this shade strikes the right balance between pastel and pigmented. Like with Piaf, I went over my lines twice for opacity.

All three of these shades have a heavy silver shimmer that Zoya actually calls metallic. I somewhat agree, though I think maybe I'd describe it more as a "modern frost" shade. It's very icy but without the unpleasant look that many of you associate with frost polishes.

What do you guys think of these shades? Is the stripe look workin' for you? I think it's a fun and easy technique -- great for those of you who want to try nail art but don't have detail brushes!

The Zoya Lovely Collection is available for purchase now on Each polish retails for $8.

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  1. These look lovely together, and I love the striping technique!

  2. Will definitely be giving this technique a try! x

  3. this reminds me of a classy cirques if that makes any scene lol

  4. I just adore your swatches! This is such a pretty collection and I love the stripes!

  5. I have these three shades but I've been racking my brain for a good combo to wear them....will try these stripes next time ;)

  6. This is so pretty! Simple but cute :)

  7. Seems you are everywhere lately! First the Today show and now I just saw your nails in my Nails magazine. Congrats! So awesome.

  8. What a simple concept yet so elegant. Great job! I am going to give it a try for sure!

  9. I like this design. I will have to try it. I like the cream finishes in this collection more than these ones. :-)

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  13. This is amazing -- I'm speechless at your talent and creativity.

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