Monday, December 9, 2013

Glam Polish Assortment - Swatch and Review

It takes a lot for an indie brand to catch my eye these days in the vast sea of nail polish, but the Australian brand Glam Polish really sparked my interest. I've seen a lot of beautiful swatches of Glam Polishes lately and was very excited to give six of them a try for myself. Not only do these polishes have great formulas, they are adorable and fun color combinations! They are a breath of fresh air amidst the heaviness of the current winter collections.

Blue Goo is a sky blue base with pink, green, lavender, and blue glitters, plus white squares and short white bars. I think that even people with a distaste for bar glitter would like these matte bars -- they are more like rectangles than the usual glitter "bars." The formula was easy to use and applied evenly. Three coats.

Fern Gully is one of my favorites of the bunch. This gorgeous green jelly base is positively packed with white glitters that make the polish look carbonated. It also has pink squares and butterflies, as well as neon green glitters. Formula was smooth and even, and I used three coats for the swatch below.

Fraggle Rock is a turquoise blue shade with pink, blue, and white glitters. The combination of colors in this one is really fun, and I was a huge fan of Fraggle Rock when I was growing up. One thing to note is that some of the glitters in this are on the large side, and may not sit flat on curved nails. The formula was otherwise delightful, though! Three coats shown.

Funhouse is a soft white base accented by pink and purple glitters in various sizes. The color palette of this one is fabulous, too. It's very girly and fun! The polish applied well and evened out brilliantly. Three coats shown.

Margaritaville has a bright peach base sprinkled with purple, pink, and green glitters. The glitters are the perfect accents to the pretty base without overwhelming it. Again, the formula was nice and smooth and the glitters didn't clump up at all. Three coats.

Mars Attacks! is a minty base with a rainbow of glitter colors (including pink butterflies)! This one gave me some trouble when I went to photograph it. I was able to adjust the base color in my editing process but unfortunately the blue glitters were turned turquoise, too! Regardless, this polish makes me think "spring," my favorite polish season, so naturally I am a fan. Really cute. Three coats.

I really enjoyed my first experience with Glam Polish. Oftentimes, these types of polishes can get a little lumpy when applied to the nail but these were not lumpy at all. They applied evenly and smoothly, with great pigmentation, and with a nice amount of glitter. Plus, they are just so cute and bright and fun! You can't look at these polishes without smiling. I can say that I'm definitely a fan!

Shipping to Australia & USA is available from
International stockists include:
USA - Color4Nails
UK - Rainbow Connection
EUROPE - Norway Nails
SINGAPORE - Mei Mei's Signatures

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  1. Fern Gully is amazing! It's so pretty and my favorite too.

  2. I love Blue Goo - those matte bars are gorgeous. Can just picture myself wearing it at a spring wedding or birthday party. Gorgeous swatches, as always! Xx

  3. Your nails and swatches are just perfect and honestly, it makes me a little mad sometimes. But in a good way. If that makes sense :-)

  4. Lindsay (nailthataccent)December 9, 2013 at 3:26 PM

    Gorgeous as always!

  5. These all look incredible! I want!

  6. Fern Gully and Margaritaville are so pretty and interesting...


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