Saturday, December 7, 2013

Party Perfect: Black and Gold Nail Art Ideas

I have been wearing a lot of black and gold manicures lately, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight one of my favorite party pairings. Black and gold make a stunning combination: chic and glam, strong and bright, deep and dimensional. They're the perfect pair for all of your holiday soirees, and, great news, you can stretch them out through New Years!

I've got five looks to share with you today, plus I'll give you some quick breakdowns on how to achieve them yourself. Some are harder than others, but even beginner nail artists will find something to try here! Don't be shy... get your glam on!

The Polka Dot
Polka dot nail art is easy to achieve and a great place to start if you are just getting into nail art. All you will need is a tool to dot with! I used a nail art dotting tool, but DIY options include a dull lead pencil or the rubber tip of a bent-open bobby pin. Dip the tool into black polish and dot it onto your nail in an alternating pattern. Finish with topcoat. Instantly adorable!

Polishes shown: China Glaze Mingle With Kringle, China Glaze Liquid Leather

The Distressed Effect
Maybe you're not a traditional "glam girl" but you still want to rock some awesome, easy nail art at your holiday parties! My distressed effect tutorial will show you how to achieve this punky, grungy look that has all the edge of crackle but with added control and a more refined finish.

Polishes shown: OPI Goldeneye, American Apparel Hassid

The Cuticle Glitter Gradient
There are two ways to do a glitter gradient: from your nail tip and from your cuticle. I personally prefer the look of the cuticle glitter gradient, but both of them are sure to give you a chic and on-trend manicure. I like to put a drop of glitter near my cuticle, wipe off the brush entirely, and then gently drag the glitter out towards the end of my nails. You can add more glitter at the base of the nail to boost the gradient effect, too. Beginners will have an easier time doing this effect if they use a denser glitter, like the one I've used here!

Polishes shown: Cirque Ica Valley, Color Club Where's the Soiree?

The "I'm Feeling Ambitious" Foil/Gel Combo
Nail foils let you achieve brilliant, mirror like effects, but most regular topcoats will crinkle the foil and ruin the effect. But did you know that sealing foil inside of gel can help keep the chrome finish intact? For this manicure, I started by applying and curing a black gel polish. Then, I painted a ruffian shape with nail foil glue, let the glue turn clear, and applied sheets of gold foil over the glue. After letting the glue and foil dry a bit longer, I finished the manicure with one final layer of gel topcoat. Instantly blinding!

Polishes shown: Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish in Black Tie Optional, Sally Hansen Salon Gel Starter Kit
Foil used: Gold Spectrum from Dollar Nail Art, nail foil glue

The Stamped Manicure
Nail art stamping definitely has a learning curve, but it produces some amazing results. If you are unfamiliar with how to stamp, check out my stamping tutorial! It's an older post but the process hasn't changed since then. Layer gold swirls over black for an elegant effect!

Polishes shown: American Apparel Hassid, Essie Good As Gold
Stamped with: Nailz Craze plate NC02, Konad stamper

Which of these effects do you like best? Are you a fan of black and gold together?
Share your black and gold manicures with me on Instagram using the hashtag #hellochalkboardnails! 


  1. All of these ideas are so pretty and festive! Great post!

  2. LOVE the cuticle glitter gradient! Would love to try stamping, looks awesome!

  3. I absolutely love that stamped look! Gold and black are a great combo <3

  4. They are stunning!

  5. Perfect for the holidays and yet very sexy. Me like these a lot!

  6. beautiful! these are great for xmas and new years too! (for all those weirdos that only do their nails every other week :-P)

  7. I love the distressed gold and black one -- all these are so beautiful!

  8. The Distressed Effect is amazing! In fact, all 4 manicures are amazing :-)

  9. I love these ideas! Black and gold look beautiful together, but I've actually never done that combo before.

  10. I love the cuticle glitter and the distressed nail art!

  11. "Black and Gold, never fold!" As my boyfriend says, every single time I mention those two colours together lol

  12. The glitter gradient is my favourite but i love them all :D

  13. love them! specially the distressed.. <3

  14. Great designs, I like them all!

  15. Love ALL of these. Super fast and festive!

  16. Black and gold nails always look so elegant and stunning!


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