Saturday, August 30, 2014

KBShimmer 6th Anniversary Collection

A Happy 6th Anniversary to KBShimmer! The brand is celebrating their milestone with a three-piece, beachy themed collection in cute and fun colors. I love the way these go together. Let's check them out...

Beach Please is a hot pink creme that covered perfectly and evenly in two coats. It's so shiny and pretty. It has a bit of a "squishy" jellylike finish, but without the visible nail line. Winning.

Hexy Bikini is a sparklebomb silver textured polish with fuchsia and aqua glitters. It applied surprisingly nicely, and I needed two coats for the coverage shown here. No top coat, since this is a textured shade, but you could probably do a few thick coats of topcoat for a smoother effect.

Shore Thing is an bright mint green shade. Very flattering and a super cheerful color. I used three coats here but it was very close at two.

Though I'm not usually a pink gal, I have to say that Beach Please is my favorite of this collection. It's so lovely, the formula is wonderful, and the name is hilarious. Of course, the other shades are nice as well, and I have no complaints! Which one do you like best?

KBShimmer is available for purchase from in the US and Harlow & Co for international orders. You can also keep up with the brand on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


  1. What a set trio these are! Those two cremes are gorgeous but that sparkly texture polish is to die for.

  2. Beach Please. I laugh every time I say that. Love that pink on you!

  3. Hexy Bikini is good name :D All colors are beautiful.

  4. Hexy Bikini hypnotised me like when I'm in the boutiques, so beautiful!! :D

  5. As always, love your swatches! And I agree, even though I'm not a pink loving person, I am really liking Beach Please (it also doesn't hurt that the name of the polish is very funny)

  6. Beach Please is my favorite as well!


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