Friday, August 1, 2014

Lacquistry's Amazeballs Is Shiny... Real Shiny.

In June, More Nail Polish posted a couple of nail art looks featuring a polish from Lacquistry's new Amazeballs series of polishes. I loved them so much that I eagerly trotted over to the shop and bought two versions for myself: You're So Extra Fine and A Blended Family. I've been eyeing Amazeballs for a while now and was glad to have the opportunity to purchase them.

So here it is! For this combo, I've paired three coats of Amazeballs: A Blended Family with OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today from the Coca Cola collection.

Here's my understanding of the Amazeballs lineup:
Amazeballs - Original large metallic flake
Amazeballs Fine - Same metallic flakes, but just in a medium size
Amazeballs Extra Fine - Same metallic flakes, but in a very small size
Amazeballs A Blended Family - All three particle sizes mixed together

Unfortunately, I don't see A Blended Family in the Lacquistry shop at the moment, though I can't speak to whether it's out of stock or no longer being offered.

Amazeballs is glamorous in both direct and natural lighting. It looks like hammered metal, but the finish is flat and smooth with no grit. And, here's the kicker: it isn't even that hard to remove! Way easier than glitter. Killin' it.


  1. Love the name, love the glitter. Love!

  2. Love these together! Just gorgeous.

  3. Drool. Amazeballs has been on my lemming list for the longest!!! Dang bills prevent me from spending so much on polish. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

  4. Wow! As soon as I saw this mani, I thought how much it looks like Pay Day from F.U.N. Lacquer. It seems they also share the same unusual properties: metallic flakes that lay flat, not a glitter, and gives a mind-blowing effect. I first saw Pay Day on Work/Play/Polish and bought it as soon as I could (it went out of stock for awhile). It's apparently beautiful enough to warrant being the last polish bought for a year (! I paid $18 for it but I just saw it's now $14. It's also 5-free and the bottle is 16.7 ml. I can't wait to try Amazeballs to compare. If you have a minute, could you say how big is the Amazeballs bottle? Thanks for showing this polish.

  5. Oh my, yummy

  6. I need a bottle of this beauty! It's gorgeous!

  7. That looks like a polish you never wanna take off again :D!

  8. Such a gorgeous duo! I LOVE coral polish xx

    Gemma //

  9. Just one look...that's all it took! When I saw my first swatch of the original Amazeballs I whipped over to the shop to buy a large bottle quicker than you can say "swatch". One of my favorite polishes EVER. Think I'll be picking up You're So Extra Fine as well.

  10. Hi! First time leaving a comment here, but I just had to come back. I saw this swatch, bought You So Fine and it is seriously stunning. Easily the greatest nail colour I've ever worn! So, umm, thanks! A lot! If a nail polish ever made someone happy, that's me right here and now. XX


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