Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pattern-Blocked & Woven Stripes

Blocked and Woven Stripes by @chalkboardnails

Well, today we've arrived at my first challenge flop. Truth be told, I just finished these, after working a full day at the spa and then taking a nap. So I'm not surprised that they aren't exactly my magnum opus. Maybe you guys will like these more than I do? (Fingers crossed!)

It was unintentional, but once I had finished this manicure I was surprised by how much it reminded me of a woven rug. So we are calling it "blocked and woven stripes." Go figure!

Blocked and Woven Stripes by @chalkboardnails

Despite the fact that I don't care for the design of these much, I do love the color palette. I used LVX Sienna, Color Club Je Ne Sais Quois, Polish My Life Birthday Suit, and Salon Perfect Oil Slick. Very retro, maybe 60's?

Most of the elements are freehanded, though I did use tape to create the three main blocked shapes.

Blocked and Woven Stripes by @chalkboardnails

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