Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nfu Oh #50

Hello! I hope you all are having a fantastic day. Today's post is a quick swatch of Nfu Oh #50 over black.

The polish itself is flakies contained in a pinky-purple tinted jelly base. Obviously, when it is layered over black, the base doesn't show up at all, and the flakies really shine on their own. As you'll see, they are quite beautiful!

The flakies go on with a nice density. I used two coats of #50 over Wet N Wild Black Creme for this mani.

As you can see, the flakies have a really interesting duochrome shift from teal/green to blue. Duochrome flakies! DID YOU HEAR ME!?

Most of the time the flakies show green/teal -- more so than how they photograph. But from certain angles, the blue really blooms into life!

Doesn't this look like shattered ice over a dark arctic sea? Like a fat polar bear sat on the ice and it shattered and started floating away.

Nfu Oh flakie polishes retail for $12.50 on FabulouStreet.com. Last time I ordered from them they were offering free shipping for orders over $25.



  1. bahaha, i'm laughing at the fat polar bear comment..
    such a pretty polish, I can't wait to place a nfu oh order when i get some Christmas money ;]

  2. Thanks for the link to buying Nfu Ohs. They've got some holos there I've had my eyes on.

  3. Wow, that is absolutely beautiful. Makes me think of the Nail's Inc Gossip girl series but better!

    Elle x

  4. Adding this one to my wishlist

  5. Another item on my wishlist...I must own all blueish flakies!! lol... Lovely post Sarah =)

  6. That color is gorgeous, especially over the black. Thanks for sharing it! :)

  7. Wow! Another must have for me! I have a thing for anything that is that color blue and green! I have sweaters and jewelry and shirts in those colors. *drool*!

  8. I think I am kind of loving this! I think I'm starting to like some flakies!

  9. Wow, these are gorgeous! Definitely want!

  10. Good lord these are pretty. I really want more flakies!! The crazy thing is that I just want them to have them. I have two really great flakie polishes, and I haven't even made a fun manicure with them yet. What the hell is wrong with me!?!? LOL

  11. Finger Paints Special Effects Flecked is a great dupe !! i LOVE your nails !! :)


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