Friday, December 9, 2011

Pretty & Polished Franken Swatches

Hello everyone! Today's post is a seriously special one! The lovely Chelsea from Pretty and Polished just opened up an Etsy store recently where she is selling her frankens. Her creations are really unique so I just had to get my hands on a few of them! Today I am showing you the swatches of the three that I got. More information on these polishes and where you can buy them can be found at the end of this post.

Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider is a fantastic and unique polish. It has a dark blackened purple jelly base and has a bunch of different sizes and shapes of glitter in it, including small red, pink, and purple hex with large red hex and large purple squares. Square glitter is one of my favorite things in the world.

Here is three coats of Midnight Rider on my pointer and ring fingers, and two coats over black on my middle and pinky.

And here is a full mani of Midnight Rider over black. Just look at that square glitter! So yummy. It's like someone threw sexy confetti all over my nails.

Melodramatic is a GORGEOUS polish that is VERY hard to photograph properly... haha. I had to swatch this twice to get it correct. It is a sheer emerald teal-y base. The polish has teal and purple microglitter in it that give it some nice dimension.

This is three coats of Melodramatic. This would make a nice layering polish, too, as it could add a great layer of sparkle to any polish without covering it up completely.

It applied very easily, and the glitter is not gritty at all. One layer of topcoat and it was really smooth for me.

It is so shiny that it almost looks metallic! The color combination of polish and glitter in this one makes me think of a peacock. I have been wearing it all day and it is truly stunning.

Galax-E is the perfect polish for those of you that love the look of galaxies on your nails but don't want to spend the time doing the sponging/nail art method.

It is a black base with beautiful holographic glitter in it. It flashes and sparkles as it catches the light. Honestly it really does look like space! I had trouble capturing its sparkly nature, so imagine my photos... but even more glittery! That will give you an accurate visualization of this beauty.

This one wasn't gritty either. It goes on really beautifully and evens out with one layer of topcoat. The black looks deep and rich.

And if you look closely you can see that this one has ... SQUARE GLITTER! My Kryptonite! Awww yeah.

Chelsea also has a number of other frankens in her shop, these are just the ones that I picked out! She has a Galactus-based collection with a few holos in it, some more great mixes of pigment and glitter, and some star and bar glitters even show up in a few polishes!

Pretty and Polished frankens are all hand mixed with love and care. They are all cruelty free, which means that they are not made with any ingredients containing animal products. Most of them are sold in 5ml miniature bottles (a few are in standard, larger bottles) and come with stainless steel beads so you can keep your polish perfectly mixed.

She also offers custom ordering, so if you are in love with a particular polish and want it in a larger size than the 5ml, you can message her through her Etsy shop.

So head over to her shop and support a true independent artist in her quest to prettify the nails of lacquer heads everywhere! :)



  1. These are gorgeous!! Thanks for swatching these, I'm definitely going to have to pick a few up!

  2. wooohooo! Gorgeous, all of them. I especially love the Midnight Rider. Pretty and Polished RULES!

  3. Gorgeous! I think I like Galax-E the most! :)
    I want to Franken too, but I don't have empty bottles at the moment :P

  4. I love these.. I will have to swatch the ones I got from Chelsea.. gorgeous!

  5. wow I love them all.. need to check her shop out!

  6. Galax-E somehow manages to look so deep and space-y! Awesome.

  7. Super unique polishes! I just love those franken-girls that creative these little pearls.

  8. Very pretty! I need to check these out - Love Melodramatic!

  9. Beautiful Chelsea and Great swatches Sarah!

  10. Really like that teal one! The black galaxy is nice as well!

  11. I've passed the TOP 10 AWARD on to you! your blog is on of my favorites and your pictures are amazing

  12. Are you changing color of your nails every day? I like your blog.

  13. Too cool! I love the Galax-E,and I just stopped by her shop and ordered a couple of polishes!!


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