Thursday, December 15, 2011

China Glaze Twinkle Lights

Today's post is a quick swatch of China Glaze Twinkle Lights! Twinkle Lights is a polish from this winter's Let It Snow! collection.

I wore this to my mom's annual huge Christmas party, and let's just say it was perfectly party appropriate! My swatches are two coats, polish only, with Gelous and then SV.

As you can see, this is a glitter polish. It's gold, red and green glitter. So holiday perfect. The red is easiest to see as you look at it closer, and then the green comes out a bit too. The red shows through the gold best, though!

At a distance, this polish just looks like shiny, sparkly gold.

Here's a macro shot of Twinkle Lights so you can see it's actual glitter composition. It looks pretty evenly divided between the three colors, right? But remember, like I said, it looks mostly gold on the nail!

A good polish for the glitter lovers out there. Super shiny, good consistency, not difficult to apply. It only took two coats for opacity. My only complaint was wear time, but I usually don't get very good wear out of glitter-only manicures anyway. I had this on for about a day and a half and then it started chipping off in big chunks and sheets.


  1. Prettyyyy. I thought this was CG Midnight Kiss at first glance, but the close-up really does show the glitters! Too cute!

  2. Really? I wore if for a few days and I had no chipping :(
    I really like it on your nails though :)
    Better than on me ;)

  3. so pretty!!! that is weird how there seems to be an equal amount dispersed between the colors but gold dominates!! its super pretty though!

  4. This happened to me too! I wore it for Thanksgiving and put it on the night before. The next morning I noticed that ALL of the polish was missing off my left index finger and had to redo before we left. Then it chipped in big chunks by that night. I wonder if a color (like a gold foil) underneath would help with the chipping or not?

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  6. Oooh, this one's one its way to my home! Can't wait for it, especially after seeing your great pictures ^^

  7. I want this a lot, and it looks really pretty on you. :)


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