Saturday, August 11, 2012

Miscellaneous Friends' Nail Sets

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to post some manicures today that I've done for my friends. I've gotten pretty skilled at painting and doing nail art on myself, but it can be difficult for me to do nail art on other people sometimes. When my friends come to get their nails done, everyone wins! They get their nails done and I get to practice my technique on someone else.

All of these photos come from my iPhone, and some are from the way-back depths of that iPhone! The light on most of these is a very bright and direct lamp, which makes cuticle oil look kinda shiny, but I can't send someone off with dry cuticles! ;)

These American flag nails were done last week to celebrate the Olympics! I used striping tape to help create the perfect stripes on the flags. The red is OPI Danke-shiny Red and the blue is China Glaze Splish Splash.

These nude based gradient dot nails were done with Zoya Renee and another pink over L'Oreal Sweet Nothings.

This set of leopard nails came about when my friend saw me make this post and asked if I could do the same manicure on her! I said of course, and then we had to take a matchy matchy photo! I'm on the bottom right and she is on the top left.

I did these nails for my friend who was going to Coachella. She wanted a crazy mix and match manicure, and we ended up planning this out on paper before starting the manicure.  The thumb is a pretty rhinestone row, the pointer is a peacock feather, the middle finger is Nail-venturous Floam, the ring is a water marble (side note: marbling on someone else is even harder than doing it on yourself!), and the pinky is a fishtail. I really really love the combination of colors and techniques we ended up with here.

This set was done for my friend who needed a work-appropriate manicure but still wanted something pretty and unique. We started with a base of L'Oreal Sweet Nothings and then added a coat of HITS Hefesto. Two little rhinestone accents finished off each hand.

This final set was done for my friend who was going to Vegas! The base is China Glaze Hang-ten Toes, and then I did a glitter gradient of Elemental Styles 79 Fool's Gold just using the brush that comes with the polish.

I hope you enjoyed this out-of-the-ordinary Chalkboard Nails post! I hope to do another one of these types of posts in the future, when I've accumulated another good batch of photos to share.


  1. These are awesome! I loved seeing some of your other creations! :)

  2. I love the work appropriate one. I'm saving this in my bookmarks, thanks!

  3. Oh I love doing my friends' nails for them! So much girly fun! ^_^

  4. Fantastic!!! Pinned!!! :) I would looooove to have you do my nails! You are amazing!

    I love the 20th anniversary is next month and I like that look, may use that for my ring fingers.

    I NEED to learn how to do animal prints, I love them so!

    You are so awesomesauce :)

  5. Random: L'Oreal has TWO colors for Sweet Nothings. I noticed the one I bought in a 5 piece set is much whiter and pink toned and the one in stores now is darker. Just thought this was strange and interesting and wanted to share =] lol

  6. This is great inspiration!

    Sophie xx

  7. These are really unique manicures, thanks for sharing.
    A question: what did you use for the gradient polka dot manicure? I have a dotting tool but the dots I make are never flat and well-defined like the ones in your manicure :(

    1. I use a dotting tool for those types of manicures. I think what really makes them flat and smooth is a good topcoat. Have you tried Seche Vite? They sell it at Sally Beauty. It's a really fantastic nail art topcoat and should even your dots out.

    2. Yes, I usually use that top coat, but probably I use too much nail polish to do the dots. I'll try to use less nail polish, I hope it works.

    3. Superqueen- It might also help if you press down all the way with the dotting tool. I have the same problem, but I think that if you press down all the way then you get a flatter dot. Hope this helps!

  8. love each and every one of these designs, beautiful :)

  9. I lovethe matchy photo. I love being able to really see the difference that nail care makes, your nails are beautifully shaped.

  10. You're such a sweet friend. My friends are constantly wanting my to do their nails and I keep telling them no. I don't want my love of polish to be taken advantage of. I know that may sound selfish but I already work 60 hour weeks and have to spend time with my hubby. :-)

  11. I really love the leopard print! and the nude gradient nails reminded me of bubble gum :3

  12. I really love the nude holo nails! Second favorite set would have to be the mismatched Coachella set.

  13. I'm amazed by these ombré nails and the leopard ones... I'm mad about leopard print! Well, from now on I start following your blog, really gorgeous. I'd wish you to take a look at mine and, if you like, follow it!
    Rock Ur Nails!

  14. Absolutely adore the last two! :D


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