Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pretty and Polished - Day Trippin' Color Changing Polish

Good morning! I've got some swatches of one of the new Pretty and Polished color changing polishes today. It's called Day Trippin' and it changes from a pretty pink to rich purple, depending on temperature. All of these photos are the same manicure, just under different temperature conditions. I used four coats for this opacity.

This photo is what it looks like most of the time on me. It is the "warm mode" of this polish and is heated by your body temperature. You can see it's a nice pink and it has a bit of flecky shimmer.

This is the polish's "cold mode." For this photograph, I dunked my nails in ice water (you can see some of it on my fingers, hah). It will also change when you wash your hands in cool water, or if you have cold hands. It becomes a very dark purple color. You can see my thumb is retaining it's warm pink color because I didn't dunk that nail.

If you have warm hands but just washed your hands in cool water, for example, as the water begins to dry up, your hands begin to heat the polish again. It creates this cool gradient effect and you can watch it changing right before your very eyes!

Another thing this polish will do sometimes is just change colors on the tips, where the nail is not attached to your finger and therefore not heated as constantly. I found that the polish didn't do this for me very often though, and would only really consistently do it if my hand was in front of an air conditioning vent (like in my car). However, this could be because I'm in a desert, and the surrounding air isn't colder than my body temperature...

To best demonstrate this polish's effect, I've taken a video! It starts with the polish at normal temperature, and then I dunk it into ice water. As you watch the video, you can see my fingers starting to warm the manicure back up and it changes back. Any place that water is sitting on top of my nails stays purple because the water is keeping those spots cold!

Pretty and Polished is sold on Etsy. At the time of posting, Day Trippin' isn't available in her shop, but two of her other color changers, Dolli-pop and Spring Fling, are! Make sure to check out P&P on Facebook to keep up with restock dates and times, as well as previews of new colors.

The product in this post was provided for review.


  1. That's really cool! I've seen temperature change polishes in Claire's and I couldn't figure out how they couldn't be boring but hey! They aren't! Go figure =P Thanks for the show&tell =)

  2. Whoa! The effect is so fast! I just got this and spring fling last night- cant wait!

  3. wow, this is so weird but so cool! I want one now!!!

    :) Roxy

  4. Thats so awesome! I can imagine myself sticking my hand in snow all the time when winter comes around if I had this.

  5. oh man, I so wish P&P would ship internationally again!

  6. Wow, this is gorgeous! Can't seem to find it on their Etsy page though. :(

    1. Yes, it is out of stock right now. She has some other color changers in the shop though, and you can always wait for the next restock! :)

  7. SO COOL!
    I feel like I need one....yep, pretty certain I need

  8. OMG SO COOL. I've never used a color changing polish before, I WANT IT.

  9. Very cool. I always have very cold hand usually, so would be interesting to see the color on my hands.

  10. I love it! You can also purchase color changing polish at, since Pretty and Polished is sold out right now! It's great! :)

  11. That was a dramatic change! I love both colours, they're gorgeous. Thanks for the clip :)

  12. This is so cool! I love the gradient effect when the polish is slowly heating up!

  13. Lovely! Great to see the video too :)
    I have a feeling mine would always be purple as my hands are always freezing :D

  14. this looks so fun! i love both of the colors!

  15. I just bought 3 different color-changing polishes from the llarowe website. Wish I had checked the etsy site first because they are $10 on etsy & $14 on llarowe, and the etsy site also has minis for $5. I could have saved a lot of money! For those of you who need international shipping, though, llarowe does ship worldwide. Also, the llarowe site has an orange & yellow color-changing polish, candy corn, that is not on the etsy website.


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