Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vivid Lacquer - Assorted Swatches

Good afternoon! The second post of the day today features some pretties from Vivid Lacquer. I've also added two Vivid Lacquer polishes to my Ultimate Black and White Glitter Comparison post so make sure to check that out as well!

First we've got Have Fun Storming the Castle. This polish is full of gold and blue flecks and shimmer, plus blue and black glitters. I've shown one coat here over butter LONDON Sprog. HFSTC applied beautifully and ended up being a surprise frontrunner in this lineup for me.

Hivemind is a yellow and black glitter topper, shown here over China Glaze Recycle. The color combination is very striking and the flower shaped glitters are a nice touch. The jumbo black hexes in this polish are curled, though if you pay attention when applying that can work in your favor. As you see, I made the curl of the large black glitters follow the curve of my nail, and they laid flatter that way.

Notebook Paper is a fun back-to-school polish that is made up of white, red, and light blue glitters. I love the superfine bars in this one. I had a little bit of trouble applying this one due to glitter density, but enjoyed the finished look. I have shown it here over Zoya Kristen.

Assemble is a black jelly polish filled with multicolored glitter. It's a fairly dramatic polish and would be good for those of you that like darker polishes but still want a bit of color, too. This is three coats alone. I found the consistency of this one to be a little thick and that made it a bit of a challenge to apply.

Fairy Bread is a member of the "white base with glitter family" of indie polish and this is a nice iteration. The base is peppered with multicolored microglitter and even what appear to be micro bar glitters! The polish applied well, wasn't thick, and got even after three coats.

Vivid Lacquer polishes are sold on Etsy (there are Halloween polishes in stock now!). You can also check out the VL Facebook page for more information on restock dates, new colors, and stamping plates.

The products in this post were sent to me for review.


  1. Thanks for the intro to Vivid Lacquer. I desperately needed another outlet for my polish insanity. ;)

    Beautiful swatches!!!!!!!


  2. Wow, I love all of these1 I'm heading over to Etsy right now!

  3. Wow Hivemind is so cute love it. Beautiful swatches.

  4. gorgeous swatches... I really like Fairy Bread!

  5. I also like Fairy Bread. Hivemind is great too but I don't know if I'm patient enough for curling glitters!

    Have you started using your Canon T3 yet? I have a Canon Rebel T3i and I still struggle with figuring the monster out. I don't get along well with the macro setting!

    1. I dont have a T3 and never planned on getting one. I once bought a S100 but ended up returning it because something about that camera's RAW capabilities didn't play nice with Adobe Lightroom and all my photos turned out gross. I do have a 7D DSLR but much prefer my smaller point and shoot S90 for my nail workflow. If you have questions I'd be happy to try to help out -- just shoot me an email.

  6. Hivemind looks fun, the rest doesn't amaze me. Beautiful swatches, as always!!

  7. I just need them all!
    They're all so gorgeous!

    Jazz x

  8. Beautiful swatches, my favorites are the first and the last one!

  9. Hivemind is interesting with the flower glitters, and I like the combi you used for notebook. I think Fairy bread is subtle but nice. :)

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